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October Countdown: 31 Fantastic Films to Make Your Halloween Scream, #22


Are you looking to hang out with a few friends on Halloween night and watch a great horror flick? Every day in October, I’ll be suggesting a film that I believe will make for excellent Halloween viewing. Whether you’re an avid celebrator or a casual observer of the holiday, these films will convey the proper mood and spirit of October. In no particular order, here’s the next entry in my list of 31 excellent movies for Halloween Night—or whenever you’re looking for a frightfully good time.

My recommendation for October 22nd is… Nightbreed.

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Review: ‘Dead Shadows’


Dead Shadows is a French Horror/Sci-Fi film recently released in America on Blu-Ray and DVD courtesy of the good folks out Shout! Factory.  Billed as Night of the Comet meets The Thing, that comparison plus absolutely stunning DVD art was enough to set me salivating.  I’m also a big fan of French Horror (or “French Extremity”) and hoped Dead Shadows would be a worthy addition to this powerful subgenre.  The good news is, this movie is absolutely French.  The bad news: Dead Shadows is so short on plot it just barely contains itself as a coherent narrative.

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Review: ‘Cold Prey II’


Cold Prey II is the sequel to the wildly successful Norwegian Horror film Cold Prey (aka Fritt Vilt or Open Season).  A sequel is always subjected to extra scrutiny; in addition to being judged by its own merits, its success is also dependent on how well it enhances the mythology of the original.  It’s a difficult task, as sequels are rarely as good as the films that precede them—and Cold Prey was extremely well received.

While this review doesn’t contain spoilers, it does discuss the first film in depth.  So if you’re interested in the Cold Prey franchise but haven’t seen the original yet, you have no business reading about Part II.  If you’re new to Cold Prey, start by reading my spoiler-free review of the original HERE.

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