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‘Martyrs’ Writer/Director Pascal Laugier Making English Language Debut in 2012: ‘The Tall Man’

American Horror cinema is in a slump and has been for a few years.  Major studios have been a cause of endless ire as a glut of ill-conceived sequels, remakes, and prequels have flooded the landscape.  That’s why Saucy Josh looks outside U.S. borders for the best and most original offerings in modern Horror.  As the Asian Horror fad began to wane around 2005, I found myself pulled into a stark, new sub-genre: New French Extremity.  Who would have thought that the French were such masters of mayhem?  Films like Inside, Sheitan, Frontier(s), and High Tension have raised the Horror bar to new heights.

So it makes sense that the smartest of American Horror producers have also been looking beyond U.S. borders for innovation, similarly taking note of the “deviant” minds behind New French Extremity.  In 2005, Wes Craven recruited Alexandre Aja (High Tension) to direct the remake of The Hills Have Eyes—with outstanding results.  Recently, Anchor Bay teamed up with writer/director Xavier Gens (Frontier(s)) to produce his English-language debut The Divide (an apocalyptic Horror set for limited release in February).  Now another big name in French Horror is poised to unleash a new twisted vision on us jaded Americans.

Read the synopsis for The Tall Man and peep the demo-reel over at FilmSponge.com!

If They Gave Oscars for Horror Movies, Part III: 2000-2009

In an alternate reality, The Academy of Motion Pictures began awarding Oscars for Best Horror Films in 1980.  The 80’s were an incredibly vibrant era in Horror Movie history.  The 90’s, on the other hand (with a few notable exceptions), was a terrible decade for Horror.  The new millennium, however, ushered in a true Horror Renaissance.  Many of the films released this last decade are some of the best in Horror history.  In addition to a wave on “Found-Footage” films, the millennium brought us New French Extremity, “torture porn”, and a few truly amazing remakes.

If the last decade is any indication of what’s to come, 2010-2019 is only going to get better.  Less than 2 years in, and this decade is off to an amazing start with films like: Black Death, The Crazies, Insidious, The Last Exorcism, Let Me In, Resident Evil: Afterlife, Don’t be Afraid of the Dark, Final Destination 5, Scream 4, and Paranormal Activity 3 (to name a few).

Come with me, one last time, back into the past, as I recap the Best Horror Film Oscar contenders, nominees, and winners from 2000-2009.

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10 F*ckin’ Freaky French Horror Flicks

I’ll admit it: I was on the “I hate the French” Bandwagon for a bit.  It wasn’t because France didn’t support the US when we invaded Iraq (because I wouldn’t have either).  Most likely, my distaste for France stems from jealously, as I’ve never experienced this country and its culture first hand.  So I bought the stereotypes: The French are all winos, everyone eats snails, the Subway stinks, Paris is overrun with mimes, all guys wear stupid berets and run around saying “Ooh la la”, and the women never shave their underarms.  Worst of all, French are weak for letting Hitler roll his tanks in (as if I’m an indignant WWII Vet or something!).

Since leaving LA almost a decade ago, I’ve adopted more of a live-and-let-live attitude, not just in regards to France and the French, but towards everything.  I’m all about celebrating mankind’s similarities rather than putting folks into boxes based on arbitrary characteristics.

But it wasn’t until the Netflix Era that I realized the French are actually the new Masters of Horror.  With Netflix’s suggestions and viewer comments, I was exposed to a plethora of Horror and gore that I might otherwise have never seen.  I didn’t go out in search of French films, I went looking for the best Horror films, regardless of where they were produced.  It just so happened that Horror movies exported from France were continuously blowing my mind.  I’d like to thanks Netflix for guiding me towards this Horror goldmine, and I’d like to thanks the French for revitalizing my enthusiasm for all things terrifying.  This list is my tribute to you.  Viva la France!

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10 Truly Twisted Horror Movie Maniacs

Happy Friday Every-bloody!  We made it through another week!  I’m humbled to report that my blog traffic has increased exponentially these past couple weeks, thanks mostly to my “10 Seriously Disturbing Movies” list.  Last Friday’s list of “Bloody Brilliant British Horror Films” was also well read.  I guess you guys dig lists, and Saucy Josh aims to please.  This week, my list consists of 10 of the most evil, terrifying Horror movie villains in genre history.

But before I launch in, I want to make it clear that this collection was constructed under specific parameters that may differentiate it from others lists.  Basically, everyone on my list has to be a human (or was human at one point).  The following amazing Horror movie bad-asses are, therefore, ineligible: The Xenomorph from Alien/Aliens, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, Jaws, The Thing, Predators, The Blob, The Leprechaun, The Cloverfield Monster, and Satan.

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Saucy Josh Rips another List: The 21 Best Horror Films of the 21st Century, Part III

I found a “Best Horror Films” list I almost completely agree with: http://www.horror-movies.ca/horror_18308.html

It’s been fun ripping another list, and I hope you’ve been enjoying yourselves as well.  Since this will conclude my dissection of Meh’s awesome list (“The 21 Best Horror Movies of the 21st Century”), I’m opened for suggestion for my next examination.  I’ve been thinking about doing a “Horror Movies for Intelligent Women” type of thing, but since I’m not female I can’t say with any certainty how accurate my selections might be.  Any ladies out there have some suggestions for me?  I’m thinking Aliens and Resident Evil for their strong, heroic female leads.  Is that the kind of thing that appeals to women who enjoy Horror?  Now that I think of it—are there ANY women at all who enjoy Horror movies?  We all know the vast majority of aficionados are men (and boys).  Maybe the Intelligent Female Horror Coinsure is a myth (like the Hellraiser reboot—grrrrrrr…..).

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Saucy Josh Rips Another List: The 21 Best Horror Films of the 21st Century, Part I

I found a “Best Horror Films” list I almost completely agree with: http://www.horror-movies.ca/horror_18308.html

The 21 Best Horror Films of the 21st Century.  Props to Meh.  He or She really knows their Horror.  I admit I’m taking the easy way out this week, choosing to review someone else’s list as opposed to making my own or writing a probing essay.  Truth is Saucy Josh got a jobby-job.  I’m hoping that the effect on my writing will not be drastic.  It sucks not having the time to contribute to Film Sponge as often as I like and, even though I get way more hits over there, it’s kind of more important I keep the promise I made to you (and me) to post here once a week: Every Friday at Midnight.  Hopefully, I’ll be back in the swang of thangs by with an original kicker when I’m done with this dish.  Until then, sit back, relax and enjoy the show.


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