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Rewind Review: 2007’s ‘The Ferryman’


Boats can be scary.  Big ones like The Titanic and The Poseidon can encounter catastrophes that trigger mass hysteria.  The vessel in Ghost Ship was like a huge haunted city at sea. Small boats have their own set of dangers and terrors including rouge waves and shark attacks, not to mention the inherently claustrophobic close-quarters.  Movies like The Reef, Dead Calm, and Caught Inside are scary enough to keep most land-lovers firmly set on terra firma.  No matter what size your boat, there’s nothing like being at sea to hammer home just how small we are in comparison to Mother Ocean—mere specks on the water.  Cut off from the laws of society, life is cheap.  Most terrifying, perhaps, is that fact the Sea can be a heartless bitch.

The Ferryman is Horror film out of New Zealand that blends the inherent terrors of the ocean with ancient supernatural folklore.

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