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Top 10 Home Invasion Horror Movies (Part 1)


Watching The Aggression Scale on Tuesday and blogging about it yesterday got me thinking about the very best examples of the Home Invasion subgenre of Horror.  Time for another list!

See my Top 10 Home Invasion Horror Movies after the jump.

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Sinister ‘Livid’ Trailer Finally Released

I’ve been wanting to write about Livid (Livide) for a while.  This film was written and directed by Julien Maury and Alexander Bustillo, the creative duo who shot to fame with their debut film Inside (a film Bloody Disgusting called “The Crown Jewel of New French Extremity“).  Livid began generating buzz months before its North American premier at Sreamfest in Los Angeles.  So why did I wait so long to blog about this movie?  I was waiting (and waiting and waiting) for the trailer to drop.  Well, it finally arrived this weekend—and it looks awesome (even if you don’t speak French)!

Check it out over at FilmSponge.com!

10 F*ckin’ Freaky French Horror Flicks

I’ll admit it: I was on the “I hate the French” Bandwagon for a bit.  It wasn’t because France didn’t support the US when we invaded Iraq (because I wouldn’t have either).  Most likely, my distaste for France stems from jealously, as I’ve never experienced this country and its culture first hand.  So I bought the stereotypes: The French are all winos, everyone eats snails, the Subway stinks, Paris is overrun with mimes, all guys wear stupid berets and run around saying “Ooh la la”, and the women never shave their underarms.  Worst of all, French are weak for letting Hitler roll his tanks in (as if I’m an indignant WWII Vet or something!).

Since leaving LA almost a decade ago, I’ve adopted more of a live-and-let-live attitude, not just in regards to France and the French, but towards everything.  I’m all about celebrating mankind’s similarities rather than putting folks into boxes based on arbitrary characteristics.

But it wasn’t until the Netflix Era that I realized the French are actually the new Masters of Horror.  With Netflix’s suggestions and viewer comments, I was exposed to a plethora of Horror and gore that I might otherwise have never seen.  I didn’t go out in search of French films, I went looking for the best Horror films, regardless of where they were produced.  It just so happened that Horror movies exported from France were continuously blowing my mind.  I’d like to thanks Netflix for guiding me towards this Horror goldmine, and I’d like to thanks the French for revitalizing my enthusiasm for all things terrifying.  This list is my tribute to you.  Viva la France!

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