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Review: ‘Antiviral’


Syd: “She’s more than perfect… more than human.”

Dorian: “Celebrities aren’t people, they’re group hallucinations.”

The Canadian Horror film Antiviral got a decent amount of press in 2013, not necessarily for its content, but for its writer/director; Brandon Cronenberg is the son of the legendarily perverse David Cronenberg, creator of Dead Ringers and The Brood (among many disturbing others).  Discussions regarding “how far the apple falls from the tree” have overshadowed examination of the film’s strengths and weaknesses, which begs an important questions: Does Antiviral stand on its own merits or is its appeal limited to those invested in the Cronenberg legacy?  Will Brandon ever be able to step out from beneath his father’s gigantic shadow?

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10 Awesome 90’s Horror Movies (Part 1)


In the 1990’s, we said goodbye to Bill Cosby Sweaters, cassette tapes, Reaganomics, Aqua Net Hairspray, Swatch Watches, and Mullets.  We also said goodbye to what many consider a Golden Age of Horror, one that started with The Shining, included Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street, and wrapped up with Pet Sematary.

By most accounts, on the other hand, the 1990’s was a pretty sad period for Horror movies as the industry struggled to find a successful medium outside of the now-trite slasher formula.  While no one will ever refer to the 90’s as a “Golden Age” for Horror, there were some solid stand-outs.

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