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October Countdown: 31 Fantastic Films to Make Your Halloween Scream, #22


Are you looking to hang out with a few friends on Halloween night and watch a great horror flick? Every day in October, I’ll be suggesting a film that I believe will make for excellent Halloween viewing. Whether you’re an avid celebrator or a casual observer of the holiday, these films will convey the proper mood and spirit of October. In no particular order, here’s the next entry in my list of 31 excellent movies for Halloween Night—or whenever you’re looking for a frightfully good time.

My recommendation for October 22nd is… Nightbreed.

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10 Awesome 90’s Horror Movies (Part 1)


In the 1990’s, we said goodbye to Bill Cosby Sweaters, cassette tapes, Reaganomics, Aqua Net Hairspray, Swatch Watches, and Mullets.  We also said goodbye to what many consider a Golden Age of Horror, one that started with The Shining, included Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street, and wrapped up with Pet Sematary.

By most accounts, on the other hand, the 1990’s was a pretty sad period for Horror movies as the industry struggled to find a successful medium outside of the now-trite slasher formula.  While no one will ever refer to the 90’s as a “Golden Age” for Horror, there were some solid stand-outs.

See my list of 10 Awesome 90’s Horror Movies after the jump.

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10 Horror Films That Could Benefit from a Reboot (Part 2)


Last Year’s Evil Dead single handedly restored my faith in “Reboots”.

It’s not as if ED is the only good reboot/remake ever done, it’s just that they are very few and far between.  The vast majority of remakes, in my humble opinion, should never have been attempted.  You want examples?  Alphabetically: The Amityville Horror (2005), Carrie (2013), The Fog (2005), Fright Night (2011), Halloween (2007—sorry Rob Zombie, I know you tried), The Hitcher (2007), House of Wax (2005), My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009), A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010), The Omen (2006), One Missed Call (2008), Prom Night (2008), Psycho (1998), The Thing (2011), and the hideous abomination that was The Wicker Man (2006).  True, there have been a handful of successful remakes (another list perhaps?) but nothing near as impressive as Evil Dead.

Yesterday I published the first half of my list: 10 Horror Films That Could Benefit from a Reboot.  Read the second half after the jump.

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‘Dread’ Director to Premier ‘Cassadaga’ at Screamfest

I’m a huge fan of the film Dread, one of After Dark’s “8 Films to Die For” based on a short story by Clive Barker and masterfully directed by Anthony DiBlasi.  Now DiBalasi is set to premier his second feature, Cassadaga, at Screamfest this weekend.  Peep the trailer over at FilmSponge.com!

If They Gave Oscars for Horror Movies, Part I: 1980-1989

Happy Friday Every-bloody!  Welcome to another exciting addition of Blood and Guts for Grown Ups!

I know how much you guys love lists and I aim to please.  I considered doing a “Best of the 80’s Horror” when I got an idea:  What if they gave Oscars for Horror movies?  What if they started giving Oscars for Horror movies back in 1980?  Which Horror movies would be considered “the best” when judged by year (as opposed to by decade)?  Think about the 10 movies that would comprise the group between 1980 and 1989.  Now realize how different this list is from your typical “Top 10 80’s Horror” lists.  1982 may have been a terrible year for Horror, but someone has to win, right?  Conversely, 3 of the decade’s best Horror films may have been released in 1987, but only one can win the prize.  Some film will win, not because they are outstanding, but because the competition was weak.  Other films will miss the mark, even though they are superior to past years’ winners, simply because the competition their year was especially stiff.

Slip with me now into an alternate reality where, back in 1980, The Academy of Motion Pictures decided that Horror is such a vast, stand-alone genre, that it deserves its own “Best Picture” Award.  In this context, what follows is not a traditional blog and will be presented as fact.

Find out which films were nominated for Oscars and who the winners were from 1980 through 1989 after the jump…

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10 Seriously Spooky Horror Movie Specters

Happy Friday Every-bloody!  The chill of Shock-tober is in the air, and I just ordered a scary ass Chatterer mask for Halloween!

Saucy Josh is in hurry to get out of town for the weekend.  For those of you who don’t know, I often moonlight as the singer of a stoner-groove band called Smokin’ Roots Crew.  We’ll be playing the Earthdance Festival in Los Gatos this weekend, and I need to hit the damn road!

But don’t worry, my pretties, I won’t leave you hanging!  My list this week is of Horror movie ghosts.  As always, I have some set parameters for this collection of spooky spirits.  It has to be a ghost with a specific name and/or personality.  No nameless ghosts like in Entity. No haunted house ghosts like in The Amityville Horror or Poltergeist.  Also, no blanket awards for a group of ghosts in the same film, like in A Haunting in Connecticut and 13 Ghosts.

Each ghost on my list was human at one time, and they retain physical traits and bits of their corporal personalities.  With this in mind, please enjoy my latest offering… Continue reading