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October Countdown: 31 Fantastic Films to Make Your Halloween Scream!!!


It’s Halloween and I’ve reached my goal: 31 posts in 31 days, each day in October, counting down fantastic film watching options for Halloween evening! Every film on this list, in my opinion, really captures the mood and spirit (no pun intended) of Halloween; while a few of the films I’ve suggested are really fucking scary, most are crowd pleasers sure to satisfy Horror fans and trick ‘r treaters alike. Another thing these films have in common? I own them all (and many many more)! So if anything I’ve written about really piqued your interest, come on over to my house tonight! We can have a Horror Movie Marathon!!!! Happy Halloween everyone! Have a blast and stay safe out there tonight!

My recommendation for October 31th and the final film on my list is… Tucker and Dale vs. Evil.

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