October Countdown: 31 Fantastic Films to Make Your Halloween Scream, #5


Are you looking to hang out with a few friends on Halloween night and watch a great horror flick? Every day in October, I’ll be suggesting a film that I believe will make for excellent Halloween viewing. Whether you’re an avid celebrator or a casual observer of the holiday, these films will convey the proper mood and spirit of October. In no particular order (and by no means a complete list), here are 31 excellent movies for Halloween Night—or whenever you’re looking for a frightfully good time. Enjoy!

My recommendation for October 5th is… Chop.

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Official Synopsis: Lance Reed, a seemingly innocent man, is forced by a psychotic stranger to confront his duplicitous past. The mysterious stranger, seeking retribution for a past crime, forces Lance to reveal his inner most secrets by systematically removing his limbs!  As time runs out and Lance’s limb count dwindles, he must recall what he’s done to the stranger before he doesn’t have a head to remember with. Jam-packed with laughs, gore and some insane twists, CHOP is the directorial debut of DEADGIRL screenwriter Trent Haaga.

Chop is a bit of a one-trick pony, but it’s a damn good trick! This film is like a black-comedy twist on Stephen King’s Misery. What sets Chop apart from a lot of horror flicks is that it’s got real heart and soul. What makes it a great Halloween watch is the fact that Chop plays out like a brilliantly perverse Saturday Night Live skit.  In addition to making you squirm, Chop will have you guessing until the very end, and just might leave you and your friends locked in heady conversations about karma and retribution.


The List so far…

1.  American Mary

2.  Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

3.  Botched

4.  Cabin Fever

5.  Chop

6.  …


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