Monsterpalooza 2014 Report: ‘Scary Night at the Palooza’ Recap


Top cap off an awesome day of events at Monsterpalooza on Saturday, Screamfest sponsored a “series of short shockers from some of the best and brightest new filmmakers.”

Check out my short reviews of these shorts after the jump.

Drudge, directed by Kheireddine El-Helou, doesn’t so much tell a story as it does introduce a new Horror villain–the titular Drudge.  No time for a backstory, we see this baddie in action as he dispatches a horny young couple.  He’s got some kind of steam-punk exoskeleton that makes his look like a cross between the Predator and the early Iron Man prototype.  With some good storytelling to surround this tough as nails killer, Drudge definitely has development potential.

Luna, directed by Antonio Perez is one of those great shorts that seems to accomplish everything a feature does in under 10 minutes.  A tribute to 1970’s and early 1980’s creature classics (like An American Werewolf in London), Luna is simple, straight forward, and top-notch.

Skypemare, directed by John Fitzpatrick uses modern technology as a medium to convey terror as a two friends communicating on Skype find themselves stalked by an escaped mental patient–or do they?

Woodland Heights, directed by Samuel Gonzales, Jr.,  is an awesome throw-back to spine-tingling storytelling of the 1950’s, reminiscent of Hitchcock and The Twilight Zone.  Great acting and humor made this short a stand out.

Another stand-out was The Summoners, directed by Christian Ackerman as tale of three giggling school girls who willingly allow themselves to be possessed by a murderous spirit–for fun.  I would love to see this one developed into a feature film.

And finally, The Wretched Prologue, directed by Richard Greenwood, Jr., a film that takes place in 4th Century Germania, was definitely the most ambitious film in the bunch.  Historical Horror steeped in intense battle scenes, this short also has serious development potential.

Good work guys!  Great event Screamfest!


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