Monsterpalooza 2014 Report Saturday Night


Saturday was a blast at Monsterpalooza in Burbank.  The place was packed which means the people-watching was top notch.  This convention has been a feast for the senses, a visual cornucopia of the beautiful and the profane.  I feel like I only barely had a chance to absorb the volume of art and memorabilia on display at the Burbank Marriott, so thank Baby Satan I have one more day to romp with these bizarre creatures.  I’ll be heading down to the main theater in about 30 minutes to see a selection of short Horror films sponsored by Screamfest.  I was one a skeptic, but have recently come to realize how awesome a well-crafted short film can be–the best examples of which manage to convey the same level of emotion and commitment that usually only a feature length production can produce.  So I’ve ingested about half of a powerful pot brownie and I’m ready to get my scare on.

Check back in tomorrow for a recap of tonight’s shorts and Sunday’s highlights.  Goodnight!


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