10 Awesome 90’s Horror Movies (Part 2)


The 1990’s gave us Grunge, Bill Clinton, the first Tech Bubble, and real ecstasy.  As far as Horror movies go, however, films produced in the 90’s were pretty piss-poor—for the most part.

Yesterday, I dropped the first half of my list: 10 Awesome 90’s Horror Movies, highlighting a few exceptions to the rule: Genre films that kicked ass then and still carry substantial weight today.

After the jump, you can read Part 2.


Scream (1996):  Ghostface: “What’s your favorite scary movie?”  Scream was a game-changer from the get-go; a film that pointed out “the rules” while simultaneously bashing them all to pieces.  From this point forward, Horror fans expected more from a film than simply tits and gore, we expected our movies to show intelligence and employ creative “twists”.  Despite the fact that the sequels were horrid and the “Rebooted” Scream 4 was an abomination, the first Scream is still a Horror heavyweight.  And did you know that Scream is based on the true story of the Gainesville Ripper?  Look it up if you don’t believe me.


Event Horizon (1997):  The fact that Event Horizon is still considered a “cult” film amazes me.  Truth is, this film is one of the very best examples of Horror/Sci-Fi, perhaps second only to the first 2 Alien movies.  EH also sets itself apart from typical sci-fi by employing a supernatural element.  The result is a film that delivers the claustrophobic intensity of space travel along with all the terrors of Hell.  I’ve heard that 30 minutes had to be trimmed before the theatrical release, so if the folks at Paramount Pictures had half a brain, they’d release a Director’s Cut and make millions of dollars.  Seriously, if you’re a fan of Horror and Sci-Fi and haven’t seen Event Horizon, well, that’s just sad.


Mimic (1997):  Another often-overlooked 90’s gem is Mimic, a mix of Horror and sci-fi that also employs some traditional slasher elements.   This was Guillermo del Toro’s first American film and his promise was clearly apparent.  A Director’s Cut became available in 2011, which I highly recommend.  Mimic is, without question, the best “giant bug” movie ever made.  Mira Sorvino is smokin’ hot delicious!  Ignore the sequels.


Bride of Chucky (1998):  To those unwilling to accept that Bride of Chucky is one of the best Horror comedies ever made, all I can say is: YOUR LOSS.  Jennifer Tilly is perfect as Chucky’s murderous counterpart, and the havoc the wreck together is gleeful.  BoC also features the wackiest Arquette sibling: transgender Alexis.  Forget how serious the first 3 Child’s Play films were.  Grab some friends, smoke a bowl, throw Bride of Chucky on the DVD—and let the good times roll.


Ravenous (1999):  The fact that Ravenous has never been hailed as one of the greatest Horror offerings of the 90’s (or any other decade) is a damn shame.  Antonia Bird’s film elevates the cannibalism subgenre to the level of high art.  Guy Pearce and Robert Carlyle both give epic performances.  The soundtrack is bizarre and fascinating.  Ravenous is a stunning period piece that deftly mixes Horror and history.  If you consider yourself a Horror fan but haven’t seen Ravenous, then I’m revoking your membership card.  Hand it over!


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