Top 10 Home Invasion Horror Movies (Part 2)


“Who can that be?”

You might not want to answer that doorbell—especially if it’s the middle of the night and you weren’t expecting company!

Yesterday I dropped the first half of my list Top 10 Home Invasion Horror Movies.  As promised, here’s the rest of the list, submitted for your approval

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Last House on the Left (1972):  While the Home Invasion chapter of Last House on the Left isn’t as gruesome or infamous as the torture/rape/murder extravaganza that precedes it, it certainly is the most satisfying part of the movie.  Note to Evildoers: When invading a home, best not to visit the domicile of the teenage girl you just murdered.  Chances are, her parents will be pissed.  You might even end up getting your dick chewed off.


Silent House (2011):  Silent House is most famous for being filmed in a single 90 minute take (similar to Hitchcock’s Rope), but it also deserves recognition as a great subversion of the Home Invasion subgenre of Horror.  As Sarah, Elizabeth Olsen dodges dangers both real and hallucinatory as long suppressed memories bubble to the surface.  The film will have you constantly reevaluation who’s a victim and who’s a perpetrator.


Them/Ils (2006): Another brilliantly disturbing film from those crazy French.  If The Strangers scared you, then Them will really fuck you up; it’s simple, straight forward, and utterly unnerving.  A couple settles into an isolated cottage for a few days of rest and relaxation where they are soon set upon by mysterious strangers in the dark (sounds familiar, right?).  A couple things that make Them a more effective thriller than The Strangers.  First, it’s more realistic and gritty.  Second, the identities of the attackers are eventually revealed, creating an unexpected “twist”.  Oh yea, and Them is supposedly based on a true story.


Straw Dogs (1971):  The fact that Dustin Hoffman is hardly a tough guy makes his portrayal of David Sumner in Straw Dogs all the more exceptional.  Sumner proves that even a mild-mannered academic has a breaking point—and lord help you if you cross it!  The Home Invasion climax is more complex then any other film on this list; it’s like a perfect storm of aggression, jealousy, xenophobia, isolationism, and vigilantism.


 High Tension (2003):  Along with Inside and Them, High Tension is the third French film on this list—proof once again that the French are masters of Horror and suspense.  With this film, director Alexandre Aja caught Hollywood’s eye and lead him to gigs helming The Hills Have Eyes in 2006 and Maniac in 2013 (two remakes that somehow managed to outshine the originals—no small feat indeed).  While High Tension kicks off with standard elements of Home Invasion (an isolated house, a homicidal killer), the film busts these confines to unleash a grisly bloodbath upon the surrounding countryside.  High Tension’s “twist” and final scene make it a Home Invasion Horror masterpiece.


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