Review: ‘House of Bad’ is Almost Good


It was a simple plan: Lay low in an isolated and empty house for two weeks until the heat is off.  What can possibly go wrong?  Add a suitcase full of stolen drugs, deep-seeded sibling resentment, and a ghost or two and the answer is: Plenty!

Winner of the Fan Favorite Award at the Big Bear Horror Film Festival, House of Bad is a supernatural Horror-drama and heist film, with some grindhouse elements sprinkled in for good measure.

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Official Synopsis:  Three sisters on the run with a suitcase full of stolen heroin hide out in their childhood home, which is haunted by the ghosts of their parents.

How much you enjoy House of Bad could very well depend on your expectations.  It ain’t high art; the acting is a mixed bag, the sound and other technical aspects are sketchy, and the story is all over the place.  However, viewers will see all three female leads naked, with entire scenes seemingly devoted to Sadie Katz rock-hard abs.   And while the nudity is unabashedly gratuitous, it fits with the dirty sexual vibe of the film.


The worst thing I can say about House of Bad is that the story is disjointed.  I imagine dueling camps behind the scenes: One camp wants it to be a supernatural ghost story, but the other camp wants it to be a movie about kick-ass Sisters doin’ it for themselves.  The result: Missed opportunities on both fronts with neither vision being fully actualized.

Are the ghosts good or evil?  Do they live inside the television set?  Were the filmmakers trying to make the mother look like Sumara from The Ring (even going so far as giving her long jet-black hair—even though she’s not Asian and her daughters are dirty blonds)?  Do the ghosts want the sisters to leave the house or stay forever?  Is Teig crazy because she’s possessed or is she just a psycho bitch?  Without answers to at least some of these questions, House of Bad is a big mess.


At its core, House of Bad is a morality tale.  The sisters want to escape demons from their pasts: Strip clubs, prison, and addiction.  But you can’t leave the low-life behind by stealing mass quantities of drugs and fleeing to Mexico.  A prostitute, an ex-con, and a junkie won’t exactly be turning over new leaves by becoming drug dealers.  And perhaps this is the lesson our three sisters must learn—the hard way.

If you like blood, boobies, and chicks beating the shit out of each other, House of Bad may be right up your alley.  But it’s a below average example of supernatural Horror and the story is too flawed to be taken seriously (at least by me).

2 out of 5 Skull Heads.

Trailer: HERE

  • Directors: Jim Towns
  • Writers:  Jim Towns, Scott Frazelle
  • Starring:  Heather L. Tyler, Sadie Katz, Cheryl Sands
  • Format: Color, NTSC
  • Language: English
  • Rated: Unrated
  • Studio: Osiris Entertainment
  • DVD Release Date: December 3, 2013
  • Run Time: 96 minutes

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