Review: Chase Some ‘Thale’


Thale is a Norwegian supernatural Horror story based on the Scandinavian folklore legend of the huldra.  Aleksander L. Nordaas was more than the film’s writer & director; he was also the film’s co-producer, cinematographer, editor, and set designer—and the majority of the movie was filmed in his father’s basement.  Thale was released in Norway on February 17, 2012.

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Official Synopsis:  “Thale” is a feature film based on a mythical character in Nordic folklore called the “huldra”. According to the myth a huldra is a beautiful creature with female attributes living deep in the woods. It is said that it seduces men that works in the woods by humming a beautiful song, and they never return to their village. You can recognize a huldra by its cow tail.

Thale is a Horror movie only in the strictest since: It contains monsters and bad-guys and aims to startle more than once.  But it might be more appropriate to call this film a fantasy or even a modern fairytale.  Because even though Thale has the chops to please most mature Horror aficionados, it will also be perfectly palatable to those who might normally avoid the genre.

Thale has natural beauty, drama, and characters that are very easy to empathize with.  The story is fantastic but never fanciful, unfolding slowly in a way that really draws the viewer in.  Silje Reinamo is a stunning beauty who conveys volumes with her eyes, never once speaking.  Erlend Nervold and Jon Sigve Skard are top-notch as Elvis and Leo, two friends whose lives were already complicated before they discovered a mythological creature in an abandoned basement.

Thale will appeal to fans of Let the Right One In and Trollhunter.  It will also appeal to fans of Willow and Lord of the Rings.  In fact, Thale might be one of the most unique films in existence: A Horror film with genuine, heart-warming love.  See it with a date, and then make-out happily.

3.5 out of 5 Skull Heads


Trailer: HERE

Release Date (VOD, Limited, DVD) March 21 2013
Studio XLrator Media
Director Aleksander Nordaas
Writer Aleksander Nordaas
Starring Morten Andresen, Erlend Nervold, Silje Reinåmo

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