Bigfoot No Gentle Giant in ‘The Lost Coast Tapes’

Here we go again…

A documentary film crew seeking to prove or debunk a local legend ends up in a fight for their lives.  Sounds familiar…  First five off the top of my head: The Blair Witch Project, Yellowbrickroad, The Last Exorcism, Atrocious, and The Innkeepers.  I bet you can name 5 more in under 2 minutes.  Go ahead!

So why even bother mentioning The Lost Coast Tapes?  What may perhaps differentiate this film from the near-countless Blair Witch echoes is the legend it tackles: Bigfoot.  This isn’t some obscure myth from some isolated rural town, this is one of the biggest mysteries on earth—a certified global phenomenon that spans centuries and continents.

Like actual purported footage of Bigfoot encounters, the trailer for The Lost Coast Tapes is brief and opened to interpretation.  See for yourself at!


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