Radcliffe Matures but Can’t Carry ‘The Woman in Black’

You’ve got to give Daniel Radcliffe props for taking his career in a bold new direction.  The star of 8 blockbuster Harry Potter films (who grew up right before our eyes) could have found plenty of work in family friendly, kid-oriented entertainment.  But in The Woman in Black, Radcliff plays an early 20th Century attorney, Arthur Kipp, a widower who suffers from financial stress and profound depression.  It’s a heavy role, no doubt, and Radcliffe was fully committed to the part.  But it was kind of like watching a really good high school play:  You’re proud of them for pulling it off, but kids just don’t play convincing adults (at least not in the eyes of other adults).  I’m not saying Radcliffe has no future in serious films with adult roles, but in 2012, he’s still a very young man who can’t channel significant real life-experience into the complex Arthur Kipp (specifically lacking in the ability to emote as a father and a widower).  But I’ll give him an A for effort.

From Hammer and Alliance Films, The Woman in Black stars: Daniel Radcliffe, Ciaran Hinds, Janet McTeer, Sophie Stuckey, and Liz White.

Read my review over at Film Sponge!


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