Interview with ‘Gut’ Filmmaker Elias; Amazing Indie Faces Tough Road

Last October, I stumbled across a trailer for the dark, enigmatic indie horror Gut. I was immediately unsettled and intrigued by what I sawHappily, my article caught the attention of Gut’s writer/director/producer Elias and, after some email chatter, he graciously sent me an advanced screening DVD. Needless to say I digested the film with great enthusiasm. This lead to further exchanges with Elias, culminating in a 90 minute, spoiler-rich conversation about Gut. But this is not a review of the film, rather the story of a great indie, and the battle it will face as it struggles for recognition in 2012 and beyond.


At the time of this interview, Gut had been submitted for inclusion to exactly 100 festivals—and had already been excluded from at least 25 and selected by a whopping Zero. As of this posting, however, the film has officially broken the streak and will be making its world première in April. More details on this soon.


Check out the interview with Elias after over at Film Sponge, as well as some new stills…



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