Trailer: ‘The Cabin in the Woods’ Seeks to Subvert Expectations

Watch the first few seconds of the trailer for the Joss Whedon/Drew Goddard scribed The Cabin in the Woods, and you’ll get a major case of déjà vu.  A group of 20-somethings, most likely on vacation or celebrating graduation from college, decide to take a relaxing retreat off the beaten path.  On their way, they are given ominous warnings by an old-coot gas station attendant.  Once they arrive, their idyllic destination inevitably turns horrific.  We’ve seen this set up plenty of time: The Hills Have Eyes, Cabin Fever, Pennydreadful, Wrong Turn, The Evil Dead, Dawning, Don’t Go in the Woods, (just off the top of my head).

Even the trailer knows it’s laying some familiar groundwork, but titillates: “You think you know the story…  Think again”.

See for yourself over at!


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