Trailer: ‘Exit Humanity’ is Zombie Period Piece

Ever watch a documentary about the American Civil War on the History Channel?  They inevitably show early black and white photos of battlefields strewn with hundreds of dead.  Despite the blurriness and deterioration, I find these images deeply unsettling and poignant.  You can almost smell the intolerable stench of decaying flesh…

Now imagine all of those decaying, tattered bodies came back to life, Night of the Living Dead style.  Pretty fucking creepy right?  Now check out this trailer for the Canadian Horror film Exit Humanity.

Written and directed by John Geddes, Exit Humanity stars Dee Wallace, Bill Moseley (The Devil’s Rejects, Leatherface), Stephan McHattie (Pontypool), Mark Gibson, Jordan Hayes, Adam Seybold, and Brian Cox.  Recently acquired by Bloody Disgusting Selects, this film will be available on DVD and On Demand sometime this year.  There’s no release date, but it can’t come soon enough if you ask me!

See the gripping trailer over at!


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