Book Review: ‘The Hammer Vault’ Holds Treasures for Vintage Horror Fans

After a period of vampiric hibernation that lasted over 2 decades, Hammer Films reemerged a couple years back, hoping to reclaim their place in history as Kingpins of Horror.  First, Hammer acted as a distributors for Let Me In in 2010, then as producers of last year’s ultra-creepy resurrection saga Wake Wood.  Hammer is also the studio behind The Woman in Black starring Daniel Radcliff and slated for release Friday February 3rd (and unless you’ve been living under a rock, you can’t possibly have missed the current media push).

As Hammer kicks open its coffin-lid in search of new relevance, Titan Books has released The Hammer Vault: Treasures from the Archive of Hammer Films.  Compiled by film historian and Hammer uber-fan Marcus Hearn, The Hammer Vault is a must-read for fans of vintage Horror.  While not a history of Hammer, nor a summation of their catalog, The Hammer Vault gives a chronological overview of the production of each film, beginning with The Quartermass Xperiment in 1956.  Each film gets a 2-page color pictorial featuring production stills and other rarities.

Read the Official Synopsis after the jump and find out how you can order your copy of The Hammer Vault after the jump…


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