‘Evil Dead’ Remake: Ash is a Girl!

I’m holding Diablo Cody personally responsible for this one.

Ghost House and Mandate Pictures are producing the forthcoming remake of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead, which begins lensing this March in New Zealand.  To that end, Bloody Disgusting has reported that Lilly Collins (The Blind Side, Priest, Mirror Mirror) has been cast as the film’s lead, Mia—a female version of the iconic Ashley J. Williams (Ash) played to perfection by Bruce Campbell.

This gender switch isn’t the only change.  It has been reported that Mia is a recovering drug addict who has been brought to the unholy cabin in the woods to detox by a group of friends.

Can you say: “What.  The.  Fuck”?

More info and the synopsis over at FilmSponge.com!


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