Saucy Josh is on Horror Hiatus for the Holidays

I hope my 2 active followers didn’t freak out about the fact that Blood and Guts for Grown Ups has been uncharacteristically quiet lately.  It’s true that it has been over a week since my last post and I completely skipped my Friday Midnight Special Feature.

Rest assured that Saucy Josh has not fallen off.  I’m still here for all you intelligent aficionados with no plans to abandon ship.

Read more and find out what to expect in 2012 after the jump…

First of all, I apologize.  I know that being a professional blogger takes commitment and plan on resuming my writing with extreme gusto shortly.

Basically, there’s just a huge Horror-slump that occurs after Halloween.  Things will pick up again in the new year, but for now, studios pretty much just clean-house by dumping all Horror flicks of questionable quality directly onto DVD.  Don’t get me wrong, there is some good stuff on the horizon.  But we’re definitely in the off-season, my friends.

I’ve got high hopes for Blood and Guts for Grown Ups in 2012.  First off, I have purchased the domain and will be transitioning my blog shortly.  Those with link and/or bookmarks need not fear as you will be automatically re-directed.

I’ve also been working on a partnership with the British Horror website Horror Asylum where I’ll basically be posting their overflow ads.  Yes, that’s right, ads are coming to B&G4GU.  I’m hoping this change will have little or no effect on my sites presentation or accessibility.  I actually have an incredible amount of unused space as it is.

B&G4GU, along with our parent site Film Sponge, will be making interviews a big part of our respective publications.  To that end, I will be bringing you interviews from the filmmakers of several promising Horror indies including Gut, ESC, and Lucifer’s Angels.

Other potential improvements will include an “About” page where you can read this sites mission statement and philosophy.  This will also allow you to communicate to Saucy Josh directly (if you’ve been too shy to leave comments).

I will still be blogging for Film Sponge throughout the conclusion on 2011, although not as frequently.  If I have time, I may include another Friday Midnight Special Feature or two, but don’t hold your breath!

I’d like to wish all my readers, my friends, and my family a happy Thanksgiving, a wonderful Yule, and a safe New Year.

Never forget how much Saucy Josh loves you!


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