The Top 10 Horror Comedies

Saucy Josh is… in a little bit of pain.  It’s not excruciating, but it’s bad enough to be hella distracting.  Hard to write…  Find out why at the end of this blog.

But it’s Friday, so I must soldier on…

The list is solid, though, and I’m not making excuses for its quality.  I put tons of thought into this list.  Horror Comedies, really good Horror comedies, are rare and don’t come along nearly as often as they ought to.  I think the term, Horror Comedy is actually thrown around way too often (we haven’t had a great one since 2009).  There are plenty of funny parts in scary movies and plenty of comedies with scary scenes, but a true Horror Comedy seeks to represent each genre with equal gusto.

See the list movies that will give you the biggest laughs while simultaneously freaking you out after the jump…

Return of the Living Dead (1985):  BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAINS...

House (1986):  Staring the Greatest American Hero and Norm from Cheers.

Army of Darkness (1985):  AKA The Evil Dead 3.  Best line:  “THIS… is my BOOM STICK.”

Bride of Chucky (998)

Idle Hands (1999):  A great Horror sleeper and the first film I ever saw Jessica Alba in.  Really fucking funny!

Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Severance (2006):  I found this one on Netflix online.  Really really good.  Bear traps and meat-pies.

Slither (2006):  Perhaps the best Horror Comedy in history.  Vastly underrated.  Extremely disgusting.  So fucking good!

Dead Snow (2009):  Who new the Norwegians could be so fucking funny!

Zombieland (2009):  And since then, there hasn’t been a really decent Horror Comedy worth mentioning.


So what do you think?  Did your favorite Horror Comedy make the list?

See you next week my pretties.  Saucy Josh loves you.

I got my tongue pierced.


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