Will French ‘ESC’ Be Great?

Man, I am so glad I didn’t stop looking into this film, ESC, after watching the hideous clip on Dread Central.  It’s a poorly lit, building cacophony of beeps, bells, and other dissonant noises that ends with a seizure inducing flash of static and a woman playing guitar.  David Lynch wannabe, film-student masturbation.  Period.  Then I thought, “Well, what do I expect from a film starring a porn actress (Anna Polina)?”

For whatever reason (call it Destiny if you’re a hippy) I bounced over to Bloody Disgusting just to make certain this film really is as bad as it looked.  What I found instead was a very well crafted trailer that, while perhaps not amazing, certainly shows lots of promise.  There was only one comment on that blog, but it just so happened to be from the film’s writer and co-director, Christophe Trent Berthemin, who dropped some really interesting details.

See the trailer, synopsis, and poster over at FilmSponge.com!…


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