Ti West Seeks Further Redemption with ‘The Innkeepers’

This is why I hate Ti West:  He directed Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever.  If ever there was a sequel that brought shame and disgrace upon its predecessor, it’s Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever.  Clearly the product of market-minded, group-thinking, bottom-dwelling filmmakers, the disappointment felt by Blair Witch fans after Part 2 (Book of Shadows) is nothing compared to the utter betrayal felt by Cabin Fever fans.  Worst sequel EVER, worse even than Halloween Part 3 (the one that didn’t even have Michael Meyers in it).

So there you have it.  An iron clad reason for Saucy Josh to hate this stranger’s guts.  But…  It turns out that Ti’s second film, The House of the Devil (which he wrote AND directed) was actually pretty damn good.  It also turns out that this film-shoot inspired Ti’s next project:  The Innkeepers (scheduled for VOD in December and a limited release in February).  Check out the trailer over at FilmSponge.com!


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