AFM Horror Report: Dizzying Amount of Info Dropped

So apparently there’s this humongous annual Industry convention called the American Film Market which is supposedly the place you must be to TCB.  A colossal convergence of big-time decision makers meet in Santa Monica to make shit happen.  This is all new to me, ‘cause I’ve been film blogging for less than a year and, usually, I could care less about American Mainstream Media wheelin’ and dealin’.  Saucy Josh gotta stay true to the underground.

Anyway, if you need to know more, you can watch the informative video (with a hideous techno soundtrack) at AMF’s official website:  The only reason I’m even mention this event is because all of my main sources have been inundated with minute by minute reports.  Usually, I’m not likely to report on a film that doesn’t at least have a trailer, but there are enough little details worth mentioning for me to compile a report (with a slant for the Horror aficionado, of course).

See a list of juicy, bloody tidbits over on!


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