Tonight’s Basic Cable-TV Horror Movie Selection: Tuesday ShOckTober 25th

Gremlins at 8 PM (PST) on CMT:  No I’m not kidding.  Gremlins kicks ass!  I first saw this film when I was 11 and I credit it with inspiring my love of Horror.  The original script was much darker than the final product and included a scene where the Gremlins go bowling with severed heads.  Nice!  Take a trip back to a simpler time—the 80’s.  Great Horror-Comedy and a great movie for Halloween.  Probably too scary for kids under 12.

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Zombies:  A Living History at 8 PM (PST) on History:  Want something that’s chilling and nonfiction?  The History Channel explores the Zombie phenomenon, from voodoo rituals in Haiti to references in The Legend of Gilgamesh and The Bible (Lazarus returned from the dead, as did Jesus Christ—does this mean Christianity is a religion of Zombie worshipers?).

Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Meyers at 8 PM (PST) on AMC (Fear Fest): This is actually one of my favorite Halloween sequels.  The only reason it’s my 3rd selection for the day is because I’m kind of burned out on all things Halloween (the film franchise, not the holiday!).  Still, the opening scenes of the asylum and Michael Meyer’s escape are amazing, and the ending has a real punch to it.  I saw this movie on a date with Linda Glines when I was 15.  Memories…


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