Tonight’s Basic Cable-TV Horror Movie Selection: Monday ShOckTober 24th

Halloween at 8 PM (PST) on AMC (Fear Fest):  Halloween gets all the credit for popularizing the “Slasher” subgenre of Horror.  While I personally find Michael Meyers to be one of cinema’s duller bogeymen, Halloween is nonetheless very influential and vastly respected.  Tonight’s viewing on AMC includes “Story Notes”, which is kind of like MTV’s “Pop-Up Videos”; throughout the film, bits or trivia and history will “pop-up”.  So even if you’ve already seen Halloween, watch it again to learn what lies beneath the surface.  AMC will be showing Halloween sequels and remakes over the next 4 days.

Additional selections after the jump…

Hellboy II: The Golden Army at 8 PM (PST) on FX:.  Yes I know that Hellboy isn’t a Horror movie per say, but the story is highly supernatural.  Also, Hellboy II was directed by Horror legend Guillermo del Toro (The Orphanage, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark).  Visually stunning to say the least.  If you’re more in the mood for dark fantasy as opposed to bloody Horror, give this one a watch.

Orphan at 9 PM (PST) on Lifetime:  It always surprises me how much good Horror you can see on Lifetime in the month of October.  I mean, isn’t Lifetime a chick-channel?  Not that I’m complaining!  Orphan (not to be confused with The Orphanage) seems like an updated version of The Bad Seed, but there’s a twist you’ll never see coming.  Definitely more of a psychological Horror then today’s other selections.


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