Review: ‘The Thing’ Relies on CGI

Pulling off a successful movie remake is difficult to do, and prequels are almost as tricky.  Any time you add to an existing story, you invite comparisons to the original work.  And when the original work has a massive cult following, failure and disappointment seem practically inevitable.  In this sense, I applaud the producers of The Thing (Prequel) for attempting such a herculean feat.

After viewing The Thing, however, it seems Universal had only a mild interest in pleasing fans of John Carpenter’s original.  Read my review over at!


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One response to “Review: ‘The Thing’ Relies on CGI

  • CMrok93

    My best advice… is to not expect it to be as good as, or even close to, John Carpenter’s film. To do so would leave you disappointed. And you’d be a fool. Nice review.

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