Northern Californians Can Freak-Out at Dr. Evil’s House of Horrors

A couple weekends back, I had the ominous privilege of previewing Dr. Evil’s House of Horrors as the players performed a dressed-rehearsal.  It was awesome.  Boys and Ghouls looking for some freaky fun this Halloween are encouraged to visit—if you dare!

Press Release:  “Every weekend throughout the month of October, historical J’s Amusement Park property at 16101 Neely Road, will be transformed into Dr. Evil’s House of Horrors. This spectacular and unique haunted house is teeming with loads of live actors, seemingly everywhere at once providing the poking, prodding, ankle-grabbing, shoulder-clawing and head taping evil that inspires true skin-crawling horror.  Expect chills, thrills and bloody spills throughout Sonoma County’s scariest haunted house! All these spooktacular horrors can be enjoyed for $10 per person every Friday and Saturday night throughout the month of October from dusk until done with the final send off on Monday, October 31st, Halloween Night.”

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These folks go all out, believe me.  Dr. Evil’s is perhaps the best Haunted House attraction I’ve ever experienced.  Spooky, twisting corridors will lead you into the Heart of Darkness.  I personally spent so much time lost in the maze my sanity began to wear thin (small hint: Some dead-ends are not dead-ends at all).  The players are awesome, from the mute monsters to the screeching specters.  I was especially impressed with the zombie-hottie in striped-tights; that chunk of intestine hanging out of her mouth was just so sexy!

If I had to make one complaint, it would be that this attraction is so scary, so intense, I was nearly trampled by a group of shrieking 14-year-old girls rushing towards the exit.

If, I mean WHEN you finally make it through the House of Horrors intact, stick around and watch Horror movies on a huge outdoor screen, drive-in style.  I’ve even heard some rumors about some spooky live roots music the weekend of October 21st.

Is it kid friendly?  While the House of Horrors is intended for victims, I mean PATRONS, 12 and older, youngsters will have their own fun “Spooky House” with low walls.  There will also be free candy and prizes on Halloween Night.

Press Release: “Dr. Evil’s House of Horrors has been operated since 2001 by Mike and Tracie Skaggs, with the proceeds of every Halloween Night going to support a local charity of their choosing. 

For more information or interviews contact Mike or Tracie Skaggs, owners and operators of Dr. Evil’s House of Horrors at (707) 206-1076 or go to”

Less than 90 minutes North of San Francisco in Gory Guerneville, Dr. Evil’s House of Horrors comes highly recommended by Yours Truly.  With only 3 weekends left before Halloween, you don’t want to miss out on this bone-chilling extravaganza.  See you there!


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