‘The Human Centipede 2’: Newest Poster, You’ve Got To See This

Okay, okay, okay, okay, I know I said I was through reporting on this nasty Centipede, but the newest poster/one-sheet deserves a peek (whether you’re planning to see the film or not).  Depending on who you ask, it’s either the greatest Horror movie poster ever made, or an atrocious train-wreck.  See for yourself after the jump.  This poster is probably NSFW.

As a big fan of the smooth cooch, I have… mixed feelings to say the least.  Is it the “Best Poster of the Year” like they’re saying on Bloody Disgusting?  Probably not.  But my only serious complaint has nothing to do with the insect or the symbolism, it’s the word “SICK.” dead center.  Completely unnecessary, distracting, and foolish.  I bet someone was, like, “There’s so much empty space–we’ve got to put something in there!”  Wrong, wrong, wrong!  LOVE the empty space.

Anyway, I hope you don’t hate me for making you look.  Feel free to tell me what you think.


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