Film Sponge got HACKED

Noticed that I haven’t posted anything new since Monday?  The website I’ve been working for got hacked by some asshole.  He was proud, proclaiming “You’ve Been Hacked” and there was a picture of a Muslim woman, face covered, but eyes sporting more green eye-shadow than a Vegas Show-Girl, holding a banner that’s written in Arabic.  There were a bunch of meaningless email addresses and inactive links to non-existent sites.  Basically, it made it look like Film Sponge had been attacked by a terrorist cell.  Mother Puss-bucket.

Thankfully, our Editor and Chief has been putting hard hours into re-establishing Film Sponge in it’s previous entirety, but pictures have been lost.  I guess we should be thankful ‘cause it could have been way worse.  But truth is, I’ve become very attached to Film Sponge.  It’s got potential and I’d love to be an established member of the family when it catches fire and turns a profit.  I think it’s gunna happen.  Anyway, in addition to rebooting Film Sponge, Ben (Editor in Chief) made some “look and feel” changes.  Come check us out as we dust off our knees and get back into the swing of things.

And, as always, Film Sponge is looking for new writers.  So if you love watching movies and then starting discussions about them, then we welcome you.  No heavy commitments either.  You can submit one article or 100!

Anyway, I’m cooking up something delicious for this Friday’s article.  Another list—but the topic I shall not reveal.  See you soon Every-bloody!


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