Saucy Josh Rips another List: The 21 Best Horror Films of the 21st Century, Part II

I found a “Best Horror Films” list I almost completely agree with:

The 21 Best Horror Films of the 21st Century.  Props to Meh.  He or She really knows their Horror.

The Strangers: Starring Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman, The Strangers is an extremely effective Horror movie.  Very well shot, dark, and stylish, it’s hard to find many flaws with The Strangers.  Doesn’t mean there aren’t any.  I love the whole idea of completely random violence, the whole Bad Things Happening to Good People sub-genre.  So it doesn’t bother me that the protagonists have absolutely no connection to the killers, it’s just that the killers seem like complete stereotypes.  They have no faces, no emotions, no souls and, while that’s pretty frightening, it’s also sometimes dull.  More, the killer trio in The Strangers look really interesting and I wish I knew more about them.  Prequel perhaps?

REC: This is the film that the American movie Quarantine is based on.  In fact, Quarantine is so true to its source that it almost seems like a shot for shot recreation.  The two film are so similar, in fact, that the two have become welded into a single memory in my mind.  So if you’ve seen Quarantine, is it really necessary to see REC?  A film this good I could watch 5 times in 5 different languages.

Paranormal Activity: The Little Indie that Could, this one gets compared to the Blair Witch Project quite often.  In this case, the comparison is right on.  Made on a shoe-string, PA is an extremely well executed movie.  Not for anyone craving a thrill a minute, this movie is all about suspense punctuated by some very brief, loud supernatural moments.  I enjoyed this movie much more that The Blair Witch Project.  I also enjoyed Part 2 which was both a prequel and a footnote.  Saucy Josh is looking forward to Part 3 scheduled for release sometime in 2012.

Slither: SO freakin’ good!  Those familiar with my writing already know that I consider Slither one of the greatest American Horror Comedy movies ever made.  Extremely disgusting and equally hilarious, Slither was nonetheless a box office dud.  Worse, the film gets a lot of flack for supposedly ripping off a couple of well known early 80’s movies: Night of the Creeps and Shiver.  Having seen neither of the just mentioned movies, I can not attest to the validity of these claims.  But I hope it’s not true because Slither is a great movie and perhaps the best gross-out extravaganza since The Thing (1982).  If you like gagging and laughing simultaneously, rent Slither for a rockin’ good time.

American Psycho: Definitely a great movie, but one of the 21 Best of the 21st Century?  Come on Meh, you’re slippin’ and I gotta call you out on this one.  For the record, I’m a huge Christian Bale fan and I found AP to be both disturbing and satirical.  Very well executed and, so I’m told, an excellent adaptation of the Brett Ellis novel.  And while the book may well be one of the best Horror novels of the 21st Century, the movie shouldn’t be on this list.  This is still a great watch and a big Thumbs-Up for Saucy Josh.  Seeing Jared Letto getting murdered is very cathartic.

The Descent: Well done, Meh.  You are definitely okay in my book.  Perhaps the most underrated Horror movie of the 21st Century.  Its sequel is perhaps the most disrespected Horror movie of the 21st Century, unforgivably arriving straight on DVD.  America really missed the boat on this one.  The first movie is an incredible film, and the second continues well in establishing a vibrant franchise.  The subterranean terrors, The Crawlers, are very creepy cool, kind of like Gollum mixed with Sleestak from Land of the Lost.

Trick r Treat: This film has received rave reviews from Horror aficionados.  It stars Anna Paquin who I’ve got mad love for.  You can also watch it for free on Netflix.  So why the heck haven’t I seen this one yet?  I blame television (and weed smoking) for distracting me.  I do know, however, that Trick r Treat is a Horror Anthology, something almost never attempted in today’s cinematic landscape (and rarely considered successful except, perhaps, in the case of Creepshow).

See you next week for Part III when I’ll conclude by waxing philosophical about: 28 Days Later, Let the Right One In, Saw, Hostel, The Devil’s Rejects, Cloverfield, and FEAST.


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